From Baby Changing Table to Bar Cart

How to turn a baby changing table into a bar cart.
Step 1: Aquire a changing table (I got mine at a resale shop for $5)
Step 2: Thoroughly wash it down
Step 3: Remove any hardware
Step 4: Fill in any holes with wood filler
Step 5: spray paint it the color of your choice
Step 6: Aquire a metal wine glass rack (I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for approx. $11)
Step 7: Turn the table over and mark the holes where the rack will be screwed on
Step 8: Drill the holes
Step 9: Screw on the rack
Step 10: Add casters to the bottom (OK this is where I got really lucky.. I had a set of casters I saved from an old item. There were holes already drilled into the bottom of the legs of the changing table and the casters fit perfectly. That doesn’t happen very often!)
Step 11: Turn the cart over and you have your bar cart! Cheers!